Hair Loss tackled by Ribí Clinic

Ribí Trichology clinic - the ‘clinic with a solution’, is the place to go for all your non-surgical hair-loss solutions and scalp needs. At Ribí Clinic, our ultimate goal is to offer patients all the best available treatment options or solutions for their different hair and scalp conditions.

We offer personalised treatments taking into consideration individually diagnosed conditions, followed by a non-surgical solution in the form of low-level light laser therapy, electrotherapy treatments, trichological scalp treatments, medicines and hair replacement systems such as wigs and cranial prosthesis. Our patients also have the option of availing of a surgical solution in the form of hair transplant when needed.

We offer surgical treatments through our affiliation with one of the world's leading award-winning hair transplant specialists. Patients have the choice of hair transplant surgery, Follicullar Unit Extraction (FUE ) hair transplant, ARTAS robot assisted FUE and strip Follicullar Unit Transplantation (FUT ) hair transplant.

At the hair-loss and scalp clinic, we adopt a holistic approach when it comes to caring for the hair and scalp in the sense that we consider both the internal and external factors that could affect the growth, appearance and absolute best feel of the hair.

We empathize with all of our patients and do understand that hair is important and can affect day-to-day morale, self-confidence and personality, hence we assure them that we are part of their journey of hair-loss and scalp regeneration until the point where they have their self confidence back. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our patients are happy with our successful treatment which we are able to achieve through our wealth of experience, specialist training, thorough consultation, personalized treatments, frequent reviews and holistic approach.

To book a consultation please contact 094-9303000 or call into the Clinic on Thomas Street, Castlebar.


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