Online counselling and introduction to mindfulness event

Mary McHugh set up Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (IOCPS ) in 2011 in order to deliver an online medium for people who were struggling with depression and anxiety. Soon she discovered there were lots of people who were unable to access face-to-face therapy for various reasons, such as severe social anxiety, disability, family/work commitments, geographic location etc.

In the intervening years IOCPS has grown beyond Ireland, as Mary explained:"We have become increasingly aware of the need for a home-based support for the Irish diaspora/expat. Over 50% of our clients are Irish people living and working abroad and our service allows them to access a home-from-home counselling service with flexible times (6am - 10pm ) and convenient medium choices (instant chat, telephone call or video call ). Counselling sessions are one hour in length and alternatives can be arranged where Skype use is restricted.

"So regardless of whether someone is traveling to different locations within the same country, or to different countries, their counselling support remains a constant, allowing them access wherever life takes them."

Mary believes she has met a need in the modern fast-changing world and plans to expand her team and grow her business worldwide, stating: "With so much connectivity we are losing connection and people are suffering from severe stress, auto immune diseases and loneliness."

On January 4, 2020, Mary will hold an Introduction to Mindfulness event in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel, Belmullet from 7pm to 9pm. Learn how it can have lasting benefits to stress, ill health, addiction and for those struggling with chronic pain.

Give yourself the gift of time this new year and let 2020 be the change. To book your place please call 086 070984. The event is €20 per person. For further information contact:


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