New signage on the way for Bowers Walk in Ballinrobe

Photo: Google Maps

Photo: Google Maps

A number of new signs to identify the Bowers Walk in Ballinrobe and show directions how to get to it are on the way in the town.

The issue of the lack of signage at present for the walk was raised at the September monthly meeting of the Claremorris-Swinford Municipal District of Mayo County Council by Councillor Patsy O'Brien, who had a notice of motion on the agenda in relation to the issue.

Cllr O'Brien said at the meeting: "We know the amount of money and funding that has been made available to the Bowers Walk over the last ten years, there has been an investment of €500,000, but unfortunately the signage in the town is very vague and non-existent and with an investment like this it has made it the jewel of the crown in Ballinrobe when it comes to walking, but it is not being sold that way.

"Anybody who comes into the town would not know about it unless they were told about it, with that kind of investment we need to have proper signage at the head of it and finger signage in the town in relation to where it is."

Cllr Damien Ryan added: "For all the money that has been spent on it, directional signage is a must and needs to be part and parcel of it, there is no point in having a huge investment and it not to be visible to people who are not from the town."

Foxford based Neil Cruise also supported the motion, saying that he had been in Ballinrobe recently and couldn't find a sign to direct him to the walk. He told the meeting: "I will support the motion wholeheartedly, I would not know Ballinrobe all that well as it is the other end of the county from me, but I had reason to be in Ballinrobe recently and I was looking out for signage for the Bowers Walk asI was aware of it and said I must have a look - but I didn't see any signage for the Bowers Walk. Given there has been such an investment, it should be done without delay.

Head of the Municipal District for Mayo County Council, Padraig Flanagan, informed the members that new signage was on the way, saying: "There is a programme in place in relation to the Bowers Walk and the second phase of that is to provide additional signage to what is there for the Bowers Walk, there is also funding in place for the refurbishment of the two bridges that are on the walk, the signage is part of that package."


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