Deer posing a danger to motorists near Kiltimagh

Cllr John Cribben

Cllr John Cribben

Motorists in Addergoole near Kiltimagh have been dealing with the dangers of deer crossing in front of them recently.

At the May meeting of the Claremorris-Swinford Municipal District this week, the issue was raised by Fine Gael councillor John Cribben. Cllr Cribben told the meeting: "I have got correspondence from residents in Addergoole, just off the N17, where deer are crossing the road at that location. Apparently there was planting near that road that has developed, matured and overgrown in recent years and the deer are harbouring there.

"One motorist told me that 12 deer crossed the road in front of them recently, this can be a frightening experience and the locals are anxious that Mayo County Council erect signs to make the locals more aware of the danger that exists there, I don't expect the deer to take much notice of them, mind.

"Apparently the deer are harbouring in the planting in the area, nobody knows where they came from, it is a recent occurrence. I have one question; if a car is damaged due to a deer crossing or a driver or passenger is injured, who would be responsible?"

The Cathaoirleach of the district, Cllr Gerry Murray, questioned whether or not the Department of Agriculture should be informed of the issue.

Head of the district for Mayo County Council, Padraig Flanagan, said that he would look into the issue and follow up on the signage. The elected members were also informed that it was not just in this area that there was an issue with deer crossing in front of cars, with Ballinrobe-based Cllr Michael Burke saying: "We have the same problem in Ballinrobe on the Partry Road on an ongoing basis - there have been a number of incidents when cars have been very badly damaged.

"I am open to correction, but I believe nobody was able to get compensation. There was some talk about putting up some signage that would reflect the lights into the trees so they (deer ) don't come across the road, but it is sometime ago I heard that."

Cllr John Caulfied added: "It was also recently highlighted to me at Ballinamore just outside Kiltimagh; they have become a huge danger to drivers and it may be no harm having signs erected there for drivers' notice."


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