Don’t cut quality on your wedding, cut out the recession

Don’t let the current economic climate put a damper on your wedding plans, because Connacht’s premier wedding venue Breaffy House Resort is ready to offer you the day of your dreams without it costing the earth. For the first 30 weddings booked from now on for 2009 and 2010 it is only going to cost €35 per head for the wedding meal and throw into the package, 10 free bride’s guest rooms, free corkage, and Kingfisher leisure club membership (excluding bookings for the month of August and bank holiday weekends ).

This recession busting trend according to resort manager David O’Connor is to ensure that the bride and groom can still have their perfect day in one of the most spectacular locations for a wedding reception in Connacht. People are feeling the pinch at the moment but it is no reason to scale back on your big day according to O’Connor. “Just recently I had a bride to be come in to me here. She had booked the wedding last year, with all the frills, and she told me that she wanted to cut back the guests from 250 people to 100, because they couldn’t afford it. She told me that her husband to be had just lost his job and her job might not be around that much longer either. But I sat down with her and we went through the various costs for the wedding and we managed to scale things back a bit to ensure that she could still have the day she wanted and her 250 guests without cutting back on the quality.”

O’Connor got the idea for this new wedding pledge for the first 30 bookings for 2009 and 2010 (excluding the month of August and bank holiday weekends ) from this meeting. “I know that people are finding it hard and we are going to do our bit for the people out there who are going to get married. We’re offering them a top notch service for €35 per head for the meal, 10 free guest rooms for the bride, free corkage, and a Kingfisher leisure membership. We will give them the full service for the day and when a wedding normally costs between €48 and €50 a head, this is a deal that can’t really be beaten.”

(The wedding meal consists of caesar salad, soup, beef or salmon, and dessert plate ).



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