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Last year, Jane, who works as an equine physio, suffered a hip injury and was sedentary for some time.

As a result of being idle Jane's weight crept up on her. Initially, the increase did not bother her too much, as there were lovely clothes out there and she dressed to flatter her changing shape. However, as time moved on she could not ignore her BMI, which was getting dangerously high and her health was starting to become affected.

Jane found she was getting out of breath with simple everyday tasks like walking the dog and hoovering. So, eventually she decided to do something about her weight. Her friends had glowing reports and great things to say about Slimming World, and she had friends who loved going to the group in The Athlone Springs Hotel, so she decided to join.

There she was greeted by the friendly consultant, Pauline, who put her at ease straightaway. Pauline explained to her how at Slimming World she would never be hungry, and could instead look forward to filling up on potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, lean meat, fish and pulses, all the while enjoying her treats as well.

“I was never hungry," Jane says. "I just made a few changes to how I prepared food."

"Slimming World works, it’s as simple as that," Pauline says. “We are so proud of Jane getting to target, to see her lose weight and reach her target is fantastic."

Jane loves attending the group every week, sharing ideas and recipes and getting motivation for the days ahead. Jane enjoys cooking all of her favourite meals, like beef hotpot, and even though she is a celiac she had no trouble at all adapting any of the Slimming World recipes to gluten free.

She went on to lose nearly two and a half stone, reaching her personal achievement target, and is delighted with her weight loss. She has lots more energy now, her skin is clearer, she sleeps better and she feels and looks great.

If you would like to know more about joining Slimming World, attend the Athlone Springs Hotel every Wednesday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 5pm or 7pm, or call Pauline on (087 ) 1878701 for more information.

Attend The Shamrock Lodge Hotel every Tuesday at 9.30am, 5.30pm or 7.30pm, or contact Sinead on (087 ) 6820759.

Attend The Carmelite Centre in Moate every Thursday at 7.30pm or contact Geraldine on (085 ) 8862333.

Or choose to attend The Hodson Bay Hotel every Saturday at 10am or contact Carol on (086 ) 6006866.


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