Dance - a cheap hobby

Vanessa, the director of RnM Dance teaches dance and gymnastics around the country.

“We run classes differently for children and adults,” explains Vanessa, the director of RnM Dance. “Children need routine and repetition. They like the comfort provided by being with a group of friends that they know. So the children’s classes we run are organised per terms over a certain number of weeks. This allows a great progression and improvement of the children. After a few weeks, they come into the class with big smiles and looking forward to it. They know the routine and really get to improve their movements and skills.

“Our adult classes are different. Nowadays, most people can’t commit to a course. They also like to have the freedom of missing a night every now and again at no cost. So we run weekly clubs, and regular monthly/ bi-monthly workshops and events.These workshops have always been are a great success, we usually welcome between 70 and 80 people. The place fills up with salsa dancers and latin rhythms all night.”

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport that involves hula hoops, ribbons, clubs, balls, and ropes. It is a challenging sport, that requires coordination and concentration and develops a good posture. It is a good alternative to intense team sports. It is a very good way to keep the children active and fit. It is a relatively cheap hobby. A perfect activity for your children!

Children learn through a rhythmic gymnastics dance routine that involves ribbons, hula hoops, balls and clubs.

There are still places available after school in St Mary’s National School hall on Tuesdays and Mount Temple National School hall on Wednesdays. These clubs are open to children from all schools! Book now!

On Saturday March 28 there will be a beginners intensive workshop on salse.

This is designed for people who have learnt a few steps through Salsa Fit/ Salsa Slim, who have taken a salsa class or two, or anyone who used to dance and want to get back into it. Complete beginners are also welcome.

Weekly salsa classes in The Newbury Hotel, Mullingar every Thursday night.

For more information log on to or call (087 ) 7458392.



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