Westmeath Volunteer Centre announces a new drop-in clinic

In order to make volunteering more accessible for volunteers and community organisations, Westmeath Volunteer Centre has announced the launch of a weekly drop-in clinic in Athlone.

The Athlone clinic will be on held on Fridays from 10am to 1pm in the Westmeath Volunteer Centre office in Blyry, starting on March 9.

There is now a volunteering service in every county in Ireland. Following the launch of Wexford Volunteering Information Service earlier this month, there are now 21 Volunteer Centres and 8 Volunteering Information Services covering the country.

According the the latest Irish Charity Engagement Monitor Survey, 17 per cent of people said that they had been put off volunteering as they did not know what opportunities were out there. Volunteer centres and volunteering information services are a vital support to those who are looking to get involved but are unsure how to go about it or what they would like to do.

“As a network, we are delighted to have reached full coverage across Ireland,” said Westmeath Volunteer Centre co-ordinator, Michelle Raleigh. “Having a volunteering service in every county means that this support is accessible to all in their own area.”

Overall, 22 per cent of the population - or a little more than a million people - volunteered in the last three months. This is similar to November 2013 when 23 per cent volunteered, showing that despite the rise in employment numbers and the general improvement of the economy during the last five years, volunteering levels have remained relatively stable.

If you want to find out more about how you can get involved in your local community, drop in to the clinic and speak to a member of staff who can advise you on what volunteer roles are available.

For more information email [email protected] or call (044 ) 9348571.


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