New Hidden Hearing audiologist in Athlone

Audiologist Ruairi Keogh has joined the Hidden Hearing clinic at 2A & 2B John Broderick Street, Irishtown Central, Athlone.

The arrival of the new hearing specialist brings essential hearing healthcare services to the local community, including free one-to-one hearing check-ups and free earwax removal for people older than 50.

Ruairi has been with Hidden Hearing for more than a year and a half and initially joined the hearing care profession because of the impact hearing loss can have on people’s lives.

“My interest in hearing health came about after seeing the improvement in the quality of life of my family and friends who had struggled, until they were encouraged to get help for hearing problems.” Ruari said.

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s premier hearing healthcare provider and the clinic in Athlone offers the best professional hearing care available. There is help and advice in a supportive environment, including detail of grants for medical card holders and PRSI treatment benefits.

The clinic has the latest digital technology to both diagnose and treat hearing problems, including digital hearing aids that are so small and invisible that people cannot tell they are being worn at all.

Ruairi is also encouraging people older than 50 to have their earwax levels checked out for free at the Hidden Hearing clinic in Athlone. A naturally occurring substance in the ear canal, earwax helps to keep ears healthy and prevent infection. In most cases, it works its way out of the ear on its own. However, a blockage can cause hearing loss, so will need removing.

The hearing aid audiologist at Hidden Hearing Athlone says any hearing loss should be examined sooner rather than later.

“Hearing loss is often ignored, or the individuals themselves don’t actually realise their problem until friends or family point out that they’re missing sounds and conversation. Hearing checks are free at Hidden Hearing Athlone and we would advise people to come in as soon as they notice a problem, particularly because the longer the delay, the worse the problem can become,” the audiologist said.

Hidden Hearing celebrated 30 years in Ireland in 2017, having started in Cork in 1987 with two branches and six employees. The leading hearing healthcare provider now has an all-Ireland presence, including 75 clinics, 140 employees and a state-of-the-art hearing training centre for staff.

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