Baby naming most important decision for new parents

Naming your baby is a defining moment for new parents, and 83 per cent of Irish parents believe that naming their baby is one of the most important decisions they make for them.

A name is the first gift you give your baby and is a crucial first step in establishing their individuality. As C&G Babyclub launch the C&G Babyclub Baby Name Generator, a tool to help new parents explore a world of baby names, research reveals what Irish parents think about baby names and naming trends.

The Baby Name Generator is an extensive list of over 50,000 baby names available to explore at your fingertips to help prospective parents find the perfect name for their baby. Whether you’re a fan of Disney films, want to take inspiration from where your baby was conceived with a destination name, or love traditional Celtic names - the C&G Babyclub Baby Name Generator can help. It allows you to filter your search by boy’s names, girl’s names, unisex names, origins, seasons, style or by the letter you want the name to begin with. There is also an option to generate a surprise name to really get inspired.

The research from C&G Babyclub shows that you won’t be bumping into too many Elsa O’Briens in your lifetime. Disney names came out at the bottom of the poll. The top two sources of baby name inspiration for Irish parents comes from ‘Irish/Celtic’ names (45 per cent ) and ‘Inspirational’ names (43 per cent ).

Contrary to popular belief, celebrity baby names do not have as big an influence on naming trends and preferences as people might think. Parents ranked celebrity baby names extremely low, with only seven per cent of parents responding positively to this.

The C&G Babyclub Baby Name Generator was compiled from a wide range of naming sources such as the Irish Central Statistics Office Yearly Baby Name Report and similar databases from other countries around the world as well as monitoring Irish and worldwide baby name trends.

Find your name inspiration, visit the C&G Babyclub Baby Name Generator at


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