get mixing some st patrick’s day drinks

Irish Eyes

1 shot Kilbeggan Irish whiskey

Dash green creme de menthe

Two shots of double cream

Shake with ice, strain, and serve.

The Irish Trinity 

Tullamore Dew, 

Irish Mist liqueur, 

and Bailey’s Irish Cream

Enjoy on the rocks or in a shot glass.

Irish Head Lock

1/4 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream 

1/4 shot Irish Whiskey

1/4 shot Amaretto 

1/4 shot brandy 

Wild Irish Rose

1 shot Tullamore Dew 

1 shot Grenadine 

1/2 shot Lime Juice 

Club soda to taste 

Stir alcohol and fill with club soda.

Dublin Handshake

1/2 shot Baileys Irish cream

1/2 shot Irish whiskey

One shot of gin


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