One in ten Irish motorists have no breakdown cover

One in 10 motorists do not have breakdown cover for their vehicle – which potentially equates to 203,826 vehicles on Irish road - according to research carried out by motoring services specialist Easytrip.

Respondents to the Easytrip survey were also asked if they had experienced a breakdown incident in the last 12 months, to which 35 per cent said they did. The following breakdown incidents were revealed as the top five:

Flat / damaged tyres (44 per cent )

Battery failure (25 per cent )

Mechanical problem (12 per cent )

Keys lost or locked in vehicle (7 per cent )

Electrical fault (6 per cent )

With winter time having officially started on October 29, respondents were also asked what they least liked about driving during the winter months. The research revealed the top three most stressful winter driving conditions for motorists as:

Driving on icy roads (57 per cent )

Poor visibility of cyclists on the road (43 per cent )

Glare from other driver’s headlights (41 per cent )

Easytrip advises Irish motorists to check their vehicles regularly, in particular their tyres, for any defects. The transport company also urged motorists to remember that the darker and colder weather can make driving more stressful, and urged them to be prepared, drive slowly, and be ready to adapt to the wide range of driving conditions that the winter months can bring.


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