Get rid of head lice for good with this 30-minute treatment

As most parents know, getting rid of head lice in a household is both difficult and time consuming.

However, Mullingar’s recently opened Lice Clinic of Ireland guarantees that they will kill head lice and their eggs in a single 30-minute treatment.

Located on St John’s Terrace, Blackhall Street, the secret to Lice Clinic of Ireland success is its revolutionary AirAlle device. Toxin and pesticide free, the AirAlle is a controlled heated air device which works by dehydrating the head lice and most importantly their eggs. Once the AirAlle treatment is completed, it is then followed with a professional comb-out which can take 30 to 60 minutes.

The proprietor of Lice Clinic of Ireland, Bernie McCann Kane, became aware of the power of the AirAlle device following an infestation of head lice in her own home last summer.

“Due to head lice becoming resistant to over-the-counter products, I found it incredibly hard to completely get rid of the head lice,” Bernie said. “After spending up to six weeks combing and treating our hair, I decided to do some research for a new product and came upon the AirAlle, which was invented by American company Larada Sciences.”

Impressed by AirAlle’s success rate and the fact that it is toxin and pesticide free, trained herbalist Bernie contacted the team behind AirAlle and decided to bring the treatment to Ireland.

“Along with my clinician, Elaine, we screen, diagnose and treat people with head lice,” Bernie continued. “Unlike many treatments that require repeat visits and many of which only kill head lice and not their eggs, we have finally a cure for head lice. We have in clinic our ‘Signature Treatment’, ‘Express Treatment’ and ‘Professional Comb Out’ along with DIY products suiting every family’s budget, with prices ranging from €8 to €120.”

Lice Clinic of Ireland is also looking at introducing a ‘Nit Nurse’ service for schools.

“For just €5 we will screen students and teachers and should treatments be required we will offer amazing discounts,” Bernie added. “Head lice are most common among all school going children, who then can pass them on to their family members. In the past, head lice were associated with returning to school in the autumn. However, due to their resistance to many over the counter treatments and our increasingly mild winters, which mean they are not being killed off by cold weather, head lice have now become a year round problem.

“Our treatments are not only the most efficient, they are also the healthiest way to ensure that your family are head lice free, whatever the time of year.”

For more information visit, or call (087 ) 1808058.


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