Burke welcomes significant drop in numbers on Live Register

Fine Gael deputy for Longford-Westmeath, Peter Burke, has welcomed news that there are 1,260 fewer people on the Live Register in Westmeath compared to this time last year.

This comes as the number of people signing on the Live Register last month fell to the lowest level since September, 2008.

Deputy Burke said: “The number of people on the Live Register has fallen by 1,260 or 15 per cent since this time last year. Since the Action Plan for Jobs was launched in February, 2012, the number signing on has decreased locally by 3,133 or 31 per cent.

“Statistics can seem meaningless, but this has a real impact on communities all around the country. Only a strong economy supporting people at work can provide the services needed to improve people’s lives. This is also great news for communities across the county, as every job created has a positive knock on effect."

Deputy Burke said his party are committed to rewarding work, encouraging enterprise and ensuring that all parts of Ireland share prosperity and economic growth.

"This spread is working as the figures are down not just in Dublin, but across the country and indeed across Westmeath,” he commented.

In addition, the Central Statistics Office say the number of persons signing on the Live Register in August is down 51,762 or 16.4 per cent on the same time last year.

In August, the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 per cent. Employment has grown strongly since the jobless rate peaked at 15.2 per cent in 2012.

The Live Register includes part-time workers as well as seasonal and casual workers who are entitled to Jobseeker's Benefit or Jobseeker's Allowance.



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