Celebrating the best of local tradition at Mount Temple heritage event

As part of the National Heritage Week celebrations, an event is being organised in Mount Temple village on Saturday, August 26 from 2-4pm by the Mount Temple Holy Trinity Graveyard group to facilitate and showcase local heritage through the valued work being carried out by local communities groups in Mount Temple and Baylin.

Chairman of the graveyard group Cllr Frankie Keena said: "We are very fortunate that these areas are rich in heritage varying from the built format to culture, music, singing, dancing and sports, etc. There is a fantastic buzz in the area in preparation for this event with local musicians and artists carrying out regular rehearsals and groups organising their members to be present with their respective banners and flags."

The event starts at 2pm with a parade through the village and ends in the local community hall with light refreshments. Entertainment in the hall will range from Irish dancing, recital of poetry and local stories, to traditional music and singing. Local musicians will even be launching a song about the village of Mount Temple.

The special guest speaker is local historian, author, and broadcaster Ian Kenneally.

Councillor Keena extended his thanks to Adrienne Dollard, Marie Shortall, and Oliver Hynes who were involved in pulling the programme together. "I would like to thank the organising committee for all their work, Tom Daly for helping to put up bunting etc in the village and indeed Westmeath County Council for its financial support," said Cllr. Keena.

The event concludes at 4pm and everyone is welcome to attend.


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