A local taste of paradise from Temple Lodge & Spa

Nestled among the lush green fields of Horseleap near Moate, Temple Lodge & Spa blends in perfectly with its idyllic surroundings.

Entering the reception area, the relaxing atmosphere makes you feel immediately at ease.

I am greeted by the general manager of Temple Lodge, the wonderful Tanya Hennigan, who is taking time out of her busy day to chat with me about the treatments and facilities on offer at the lodge - the ideal location for anyone looking to unwind and de-stress.

For its treatments, the lodge uses all-natural seaweed products from Sligo-based company Voya. Using seaweed hand-picked on a daily basis, Voya’s products are suitable for all skin types - your therapist can provide a signature treatment based on your skin’s needs.

I am next taken to meet my therapist for the day, Carleen. She is a wonderfully bubbly woman with extensive knowledge of the Voya product range. Carleen tells me I will be having a ‘back facial’ followed by a delux facial, and I cannot wait to begin.

The treatment room is beautifully laid out and infused with a wonderful fragrance and warm lighting. I know I am in for a huge treat. Carleen begins with my ‘back facial’, something I have never heard of. The treatment feels amazing. She starts with a back scrub, which is not at all abrasive, but just enough to make my back feel that is being exfoilated. A back oil and treatment mask follow, finishing with a relaxing massage. This is certainly a treatment I will recommend to friends and family - I never want it to end.

I then turn on my back to experience the facial. I have never considered seaweed to be a main ingredient for this type of treatment, but it feels absolutely beautiful. Carleen tells me she has tailored this especially for me - I am lucky enough to have normal skin but I can see the benefits of having a facial designed to suit your skin type as you get the best results.

My skin feeling cleansed, next the Voya mask is applied then topped with the fresh seaweed. This process feels a bit strange at first, but as it settles on my face it begins to feel amazing, making me feel completely relaxed. Carleen treats me to a foot massage, which is a calming yet envigorating experience. I then receive a facial massage and head massage that makes me feel a million dollars - Carleen really has the magic touch.

I really love the fact that Temple Lodge & Spa use only organic Voya products, as it really adds to the whole experience when you know you are getting the very best products from today’s already packed beauty market.

Once the treatment is complete, I can immediately feel the difference in my skin. It feels hydrated and soft and has a lovely, fresh glow.

After my treatments I am invited to have afternoon tea - here goes my diet! Little treats of sandwiches, macaroons, carrot cake, chocolate cake and so much more are presented to me - it is the perfect end to the perfect morning.

Afternoon tea is served daily (pre-booking is required ), and lunch and dinner are served from Wednesday to Sunday.

If you are looking for some ‘spa time’, a girls weekend away, a hen weekend, or a romantic treat for yourself and your significant other, then look no further than the Temple Lodge & Spa. With its 18 bedrooms and five additional rooms in the private lodge-house, there is something to suit everyone and every budget.

For more information contact Temple Lodge’s friendly staff on (057 ) 9335885 or visit www.templelodgeandspa.com . You certainly will not be disappointed!


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