Bring the outdoors indoors with help from Neptune

At this time of year when the weather is starting to pick up a little, what better way to enjoy the garden than by bringing it inside.

Before summer gets properly underway, leading design house Neptune have been exploring ways to create a sense of the great outdoors while staying cosy indoors.

Using natural colours and materials indoors is an easy way to feel connected to the outside world. Finding an earthy shade such as Neptune’s Grey Oak paint shade for your walls is a simple place to start.

Layer it up with elements of stone, stacks of logs, and organic fibres and fabrics such as linen and rattan. This lively combination of natural colours and textures will all bring to mind the beauty of a summer garden, even on cloudy days.

Just as your garden moves from grass to stone paving, rugs underfoot can add another dimension of texture, while rugs in pale colours help make the most of light levels as the days get longer and brighter.

Not-too-heavy furniture is even more useful at this time of year because it is easily moved outdoors when the weather’s kind. Neptune’s Chatto set with its elegant outdoorsy feel is just the ticket, as it has the rare advantage of being equally happy indoors, or outdoors if the weather’s dry.

Looking great in any living space, it lets you believe the weather is good, and it is as comfy as your everyday sofa thanks to its gentle scroll and soft recline.

Bringing plants indoors is another way to improve your day even if the weather is not at its best. Mix Neptune’s lifelike flowers and plants with real greenery and flowers to create a sense of being surrounded by nature.

Then sit back, relax and count the days until summer’s much-anticipated arrival.

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