Church Street Stakeholders have their say

Stakeholders have been reacting to the news that the westward one-way system has been unanimously passed for Church Street in Athlone.

Stan Bradbury of Custume Property in Athlone, who was active in the opposition to the introduction of the system, said the news is disappointing.

"Parking is still going to be a big issue in the town, and I just don't see how the street is going to survive without it," he said. "I don't think the submissions were listened to. This has been in the pipeline for years, and it seems to me it was always going to be approved no matter what the objections."

While Mr Bradbury acknowledges some positives in the plan, he is adamant that many loose ends remain.

"I think free parking in The Strand is good," he said. "It's good that there is a limit on it so that people don't abuse it by leaving cars there all day. But the reality is, so many people have told me that they will not park in The Strand area as it is down a side street with very tight parking spaces that they will struggle to get into.

"The street is filthy. That is and has been a long-term problem on Church Street. In my submission, I suggested that there should be a watering system that shopkeepers or the council can tap into and actually wash dirt off the streets.

"I am a professional estate agent who shows commercial property all of the time. I can tell you that commercial retailers do not want to come down here because it is dirty and there is no car parking. They are the two major reasons, and they are left unanswered with this plan."

Rosie Boles of Burgess Department Store said there is no point in dwelling on the decision now that it has been made.

"There is nothing for us to gain from being disappointed. We just have to get on with things now as best we can," she commented.


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