The role of magnesium in the body

Most people are aware of the important role of calcium in the body. Magnesium and calcium go hand in hand especially in relation to bone health and to ensure proper nerve impulse transmission. Magnesium has an influence on the metabolism and regulation of calcium so it is important to have a good dietary balance of both these important minerals. In fact magnesium is needed in order for calcium to be bound to tooth enamel.

Those supplementing with calcium or eating a diet rich in calcium would do well to balance this with magnesium-rich foods such as nuts like almonds, brazils, pecans, and cashews. Dried figs and dates are also a rich source of magnesium.

Magnesium affects muscle function through its influence on neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the nervous system. Where calcium is important for the contraction of muscles, magnesium is needed for the relaxation phase making it very helpful for those suffering from cramps, whether leg or menstrual cramps, and also from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

Some factors hinder the absorption of magnesium in the body, such as alcohol, the contraceptive pill, stress, and kidney or liver disease.

KalmAssure Magnesium from Nature’s Plus is an easily absorbed magnesium citrate available in powder and capsules. Some people like to spray magnesium oil directly onto sore or tight muscles. Better You make a fast-acting magnesium oil spray, and flakes to add to bath water for a relaxing soak!

Magnesium should not be taken by those on existing heart medication, without a doctor’s consent. This is mainly because the heart is a muscle and magnesium relaxes muscles.

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