Know the signs of hearing loss

The ability to communicate is one of the things that makes us human, and yet many people go through life with impaired hearing and do little or nothing about it. Studies show that almost one in six people in Ireland experience hearing difficulties but many people delay seeking treatment for up to 15 years.

Hearing loss also affects spouses, family members, and friends. If you notice someone close to you is having problems hearing in group conversations, recommend that they have it checked. Hearing loss can also be an indicator of the onset of other illnesses like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

If you have a loss of hearing you could lead yourself into potentially dangerous situations where you cannot hear warning sounds. Hearing loss also has an emotional impact, ranging from the frustration of others having to repeat themselves, to anxiety over a loved one’s inability to hear well.

Noticing the signs is the first step. Talking about it is the second step, and doing something about it is the third step. Convincing someone to seek help for hearing loss is not always easy. If you answer ‘Yes’ to the following questions it may indicate that you need to have your hearing checked:

Do you often feel that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly?

Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in a crowded room or restaurant?

Do you frequently ask people to speak up or repeat themselves?

Do you have difficulty hearing the telephone or the doorbell?

Do you have to turn the television or radio up loud to hear better?

Martin Shanagher, hearing aid audiologist with Hidden Hearing Athlone, said: “With one in six people in Ireland suffering from hearing loss, it is a serious issue here. Regular hearing checks should be part of everyone’s healthcare plan and we would encourage people to take action as soon as you notice a problem. Our clinics have the very latest technology available worldwide and the Hidden Hearing Clinic in Athlone is equipped to deal with hearing loss of any kind.”

Hidden Hearing Athlone also offers free ear wax removal for the over 55s. If left untreated, excessive ear wax can cause hearing loss and interfere with a hearing test or the use of a hearing aid.

For further information or to book a free hearing test or ear wax removal in Hidden Hearing Athlone, 2A and 2B John Broderick Street, Irishtown Central, Athlone, call (090 ) 6470590.


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