Get your kitchen organised with help from Neptune

Getting organised is top of many people’s agendas and what better place to start at home than in the kitchen.

Sorting out those kitchen cupboards is a chore many dread, but designers at leading interiors brand Neptune have provided these helpful storage saviour tips.

When it comes to kitchen storage our brains are almost conditioned into thinking wall and base cabinets are all we need. However, Neptune’s experts beg to differ. The first thing they suggest is to be drawn to drawers.

Drawers stop things from lurking at the back of cabinets never to be seen again. They make their contents easy to see as well as making easy to remember what you put inside in the first place.

Then there is that lovely old-fashioned concept, the larder. A larder is up there with the kitchen island at the top of people’s kitchen wish lists. Not only is there a wonderful nostalgia to them, Neptune’s Limehouse and Suffolk larders are cavernous when it comes to storage, with shelf upon shelf of storage space, racks on the inside of the doors, and drawers beneath.

If your kitchen is on the small side, you can create a miniature larder by using a countertop cabinet, or by finding an unused spot for Neptune’s ever-adaptable Pembroke shelving.

On the subject of shelves, a single shelf above a sink or cooker can become a very handy space indeed. Use it to hang mugs and jugs with spare tea towels perched atop, or to store all of your cooking essentials like oils and spices, so they are always close to hand.

Good storage does not have to involve furniture and fittings. When it comes to organising space and avoiding clutter, baskets and jars can be indispensible.

Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, woven baskets can be perfect of storing anything from vegetables, bread, and fruit, or even for using within cabinets so that similar things are grouped together.

Then there are jars. Your pastas, rice, grains, and muesli will all look so much nicer when they are stored in a glass jar. And if you have shelf space in your kitchen, why not show them off?

A selection of different size glasses and jars always looks good, and four or five in a row successfully turns your storage solution into a pretty display.


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