Create space in your kitchen with clever tips from Neptune

Whether you have a tiny galley kitchen, an itsy-bitsy cottage kitchen, or a cool but compact city kitchen, there are ways to make your small kitchen feel bigger.

The interiors experts at Neptune have put their heads together and come up with some simple space savvy tips for making the most out of small kitchens.

First you need to think seriously about storage - crucial in any kitchen, but when space is limited it is vital that every nook and cranny serves a purpose.

Think about moving things you do not use very often to the living room dresser, if you have one. Take your special glassware out of your kitchen and make a mini bar area in the living room using a drinks trolley. Neptune' s compact and cool Art Deco inspired Manhattan bar trolley makes an ideal home for spirits and glassware.

If you cannot make proper use of the space in the back of a corner cabinet, think about an all-drawer concept, or adding one more drawer at least.

Old-fashioned ceiling racks are a fabulous way of maximising space and they look lovely with a cluster of pots and pans hanging from them. If you have wall space above your door, then why not add a shelf and keep cookbooks up there?

If you have table space, Neptune advise going for an extendable dining table so you have the flexibility to entertain larger groups. Another tip is to choose armless dining chairs that tuck neatly under the table, such as Neptune's Shaker-inspired Wardley range, which keep the profile discreet.

But if your small kitchen does not have room for a dining table, do not despair. Think about where you can add a bar stool or two and sit them at work surface level. Perhaps there is room at the end of a counter run to creating a space for two stools?

Or if you have a good-sized window with a well-positioned window sill, perhaps you could fit two stools there and use the window sill as an eating surface? It might be a touch coffee shop but it could become your small kitchen's talking point, and at the very least it means you will always have a lovely view!

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