O’Brien calls for tough approach to illegal dumping

Local Independent councillor, Michael O’Brien, has called on the council and Gardaí to get tough on illegal dumping in light of the latest spree in Moate, Moyvoughly, Drumraney, and Mount Temple during last weekend.

“I received numerous calls first thing on Saturday morning informing me of the horrendous illegal dumping that had being carried out across the area during the early hours of Saturday morning,” Cllr O’Brien said. “A similar dumping spree was carried out in this area a couple of weeks ago, the route and scale of the dumping is very similar.

“Constituents have come to me with information regarding suspects in recent weeks and I’ve passed this information onto the council and Gardaí. I’ve asked the Gardaí to investigate this latest episode and to follow up on the information I’ve given to them.

“I am just sick and tired of this constant illegal dumping and blighting of our countryside. All resources should be utilised to ensure that the perpetrators of this nasty offence are caught, prosecuted, and made pay deeply for their actions.”


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