Know Your Rights: Payslips

Question: I started a new job three weeks ago. Although I have been paid each week, I do not know if I have paid any tax or PRSI. How do I find that out?

Answer: You should have been given a pay slip by your employer when you were paid. Your pay slip can be provided to you either in electronic format or in hard copy. Under the Payment of Wages Act, 1991, all employees have the right to a pay slip which shows the gross pay and details of all deductions. A pay slip is essentially a written statement from the employer to the employee that outlines the total pay before tax and all details of any deductions from pay.

Certain deductions from pay are allowed under the Act. They include deductions that are required by law, including PAYE, Universal Social Charge (USC ), and social insurance (PRSI ). Deductions provided for in your contract of employment, such as occupational pension contributions, are also allowed.

You should ask your employer for pay slips for the three weeks that you have already worked. If your employer fails to give you those pay slips and continues to pay you without giving you a pay slip, you may make a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC ). To do this, you make a complaint under the Payment of Wages Act using the online complaint form available on the WRC website -

The Workplace Relations Commission also provides information on your rights and entitlements under employment legislation.

For further information about your employment rights on pay slips and deductions from wages, contact the Information and Customer Service at Lo-call (1890 ) 808090 or through the website.

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