JetPeel 3V at Therapie Clinic

Let’s face it, as women we are constantly on the search for the product or treatment that is going to stop the hands of time and keep us forever young. Products and procedures have come a long way. From facelifts to Botox, the beauty industry has been constantly evolving and making a youthful appearance more and more accessible to the average woman.

Now comes the treatment that is set to change the rules of anti-aging again. Jetpeel 3V with BTX-NAT sounds like a mouthful, but is in fact a simple and pain-free way to reduce lines and wrinkles and bring back that youthful glow for those of you who like the more natural approach. This sounds like great news - and even better, it has just arrived in Ireland, and is available at Therapie Clinic nationwide.

JetPeel 3V was unveiled at IMCAS in Paris earlier this year and has been taking the beauty industry by storm ever since. The JetPeel 3V is the first machine that can reach depths of the skin, using jet engine technology which penetrates the skin at supersonic velocities that previously only needles could reach. JetPeel 3V allows transdermal delivery of nutrient supplements, mesotherapy products, vitamins and minerals, without needles - meaning no pain and no downtime.

JetPeel 3V is suitable for all skin types, all seasons, and a diverse range of skin specialisations. There is an infusion to treat every skin condition from rosacea to lines and wrinkles in a gentle but effective way.

BTX-NAT is a natural alternative to Botox, it naturally mimics its proteins and toxins. A mix of six amino acids, and organic compounds that have a similar activity to Botulinum toxin, its application through the JetPeel 3V reduces the tonic muscular contraction, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a safe, non-invasive way. It is little surprise that this treatment has created waiting lists in Hollywood with celebrities who wish to have very results-driven treatments.

For more information see or call (090 ) 6433606. JetPeel 3V is available in Therapie Clinics nationwide; pop into your local clinic in Athlone a free consultation.


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