Skoda produces 100,000 new Superbs in just 14 months

Skoda has produced 100,000 third-generation Superbs. The milestone vehicle ran off the assembly line on May 11, 2016.

Since the model was introduced in 2001, the Czech manufacturer has produced more than 850,000 Superbs and the production capacity has been expanded and modernised for the production of Skoda’s flagship. Since production began in March, 2015, the latest Superb has demonstrated the emotional power of the brand with its new design. Skoda has now produced 100,000 third generation Superbs.

Never before has it showcased so much technology, space, and design in one package. There are a host of new assistance systems from higher vehicle classes ensuring increased safety, better environmental protection, and higher comfort levels. The third-generation Superb is more powerful and up to 30 per cent more economical thanks to the new EU-6 engines.

The success of this model has not only been demonstrated by the high number of orders, but also by the fact that it has received numerous awards, such as the Red Dot Award for excellent product design and the title of Car of the Year in many European countries.


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