Your guide to the perfect painted deck from Pat McDonnell Paints

Pat McDonnell Paints is Ireland’s leading painting and decorating retailer. Here are nine tips from the experts at Pat McDonnell Paints to achieve perfectly painted decking.

Step one: Ensure that your decking timber is free from dust, dirt, mildew, algae, and other contaminants. Remove debris and accumulations using a stiff brush.

Step two: The second step is to use a suitable deck cleaner. Decking cleaners are specially formulated to clean and revive weathered or tired timber decking. They remove moss, mould, and algae while also restoring it to its natural appearance. Pour decking cleaner directly onto your deck.

Step three: Scrub the surface immediately using a stiff brush. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before hosing down. Alternatively, wash off thoroughly with a pressure washer. Work from one end of a decking board to the other in a continuous motion. For best results we recommend Farbex Multi Surface Cleaner and a handled deck scrubbing brush.

Step four: If your deck has any nail holes or cracks, always fill these with an exterior wood filler before you apply your paint.

Step five: The experts at Pat McDonnell Paints highly recommend the following products for your deck: Sikkens HLS, Bondex Decking Oil, or Ronseal Decking Oil.

Step six: We always recommend that you apply your decking product by brush, either a 3” or 4”, and always make sure you use a good quality brush. You can use a roller but refer to the manufacturer’s instruction as some brands have to be applied only by brush. Again always use a high quality roller. Pat McDonnell Paints recommends Wooster, Corona, or Harper & Green.

Step seven: Starting in the furthest corner, brush or roll in the direction of the woodgrain.

Step eight: Apply the oil in long, smooth strokes, treating three to four boards at a time to avoid overlap marks.

Step nine: Most decks will require at least two coats. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the required drying time between coats.

Peader Mulvihill of Pat McDonnell Paints said: “With the right approach you can rescue your deck and make it as good as new again!”

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