Renault unveils 161 pack offers

Ian Dempsey and Lorraine Keane

Ian Dempsey and Lorraine Keane

Renault has unveiled its 161 pack offers, which see the Kadjar, Captur, and Clio or any other passenger car across the range coming with five year warranty and five year roadside assistance.

Renault is also offering three years free servicing, passing on even more savings to the customer. Renault 161 packs range from the all-new Renault Kadjar Xtreme Pack from €249 per month, Captur Explorer Pack from €195 per month, Clio Romance Pack from €161 per month and more across the entire range. All 161 packs come with five year warranty, roadside assistance and three year free servicing on all orders for a limited time only.

Renault Ireland also tells us that the 161 range starts from €139 per month with Renault Finance, Renault’s own bank. The all-new Renault Kadjar, which was launched to the Irish market in late September, is available from just €249 per month. The sporty new crossover from Renault features high-tech equipment such as easy park assist (EPA ), blind spot warnings (BSW ), Renault R-Link 2 media system and more.

Strong start to 161 for Renault Group after successful 2015

The Renault Group has seen a very strong finish to 2015, taking 8.7 per cent of the combined market and finishing in fourth position, and has already set the scene for a good start to 2016. With the passenger car market up almost 30 per cent on 2014, and LCV (light commercial vehicle ) up by more than 42 per cent, the Renault Group increased its growth by more than 40 per cent ahead of the market growth.

Renault passenger cars showed an increase of 25 per cent on 2014; and Dacia, which continues to grow year on year, has already hit 12th position in just three years. This is well ahead of established brands that have been in the country for more than 40 years, and the brand is now at 3 per cent market share, up a little more than 40 per cent on 2014. The LCV market is seeing great success as the economy grows and the business sector is back investing in new vans and fleet.

The market in 2015 grew to more than 42 per cent, with Renault doubling the market increase with almost 90 per cent growth, and on the podium with a fantastic 12.7 per cent share of the market. The new Renault Trafic was in fourth position and new Renault Master finished the year in sixth. The award-winning LCV range combined with the very attractive five year warranty makes Renault LCV a very affordable proposition for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to this, Renault Finance lent in excess of €35m to LCV buyers in 2015. A week into the new registration period this month, Renault Ireland told us that it looks set to drive on with growth of 90 per cent on this time last year. January will see the highly anticipated All-New Renault Kadjar hit the roads, with it set to make its mark in a big way on the SUV segment, as well as a number of other key model launches for the Renault Group throughout 2016.


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