How to choose the perfect sofa and bed

Athlone-based Sofas & Beds has enjoyed an impressive period of growth since opening its doors at Anker’s Bower in December 2013.

The proprietor David O’Shea, who has 15 years of experience in furniture retail, says: “We are happy to be known as a company that can offer our customers a number of different options, thereby making their selection easier. As a successful and growing retailer, every day we provide our customers with a healthy sleep, through quality product, expert mattress advice, and service.

“We specialise in providing competitively priced, quality products, which offer true value for money. This, coupled with a professional customer service, ensures choice and a dedicated commitment to meet customers’ needs. The shop has been designed not only to showcase the diverse product offering but also to inspire creativity for potential customers.

“Ongoing research, sourcing of new products, and listening to customers keeps us focused in the present and prepared for the future. A made-to-measure service is also available. Finally, our Sofas & Beds brand is rapidly becoming known for its great value, relaxed comfort, and family-friendly living style. Finally, when you are done looking through the Sofas and Beds collection, reflect on what you have seen. Lounge, recline, lie down, and see if it feels a good fit and comfortable, because more than anything else, that is the sign of a truly great sofa or bed.”

How to choose a good sofa

The sofa you buy should be chosen for several reasons, such as how you are going to use it and which style would best fit your room. Since a good sofa can last for years, it is also important to learn about quality and to determine a budget for it. Consider how you will use your sofa. Will it primarily be used for everyday activities such as relaxing, reading, or watching TV, or will it be used occasionally in a formal setting? Who will be using it most?

Pay attention to any special considerations; shallow seating and a tight back make it easier for someone with weak knees to get up from a seated position, and deep seating works well for a very tall person.

General tips

Microfibers are great in heavy usage areas. They look attractive and are easy to clean. Textured fabrics show less wear and tear than smooth ones. Neutral colours work best in most rooms, especially small ones. Patterned fabric works well in heavy usage areas. Make sure the size of the sofa doesn’t overpower the room or impede the flow of traffic. Leather is a good option if you are looking for longevity, and is available in a good selection of colours and textures.

How to choose a good bed

Decide on your priorities and concerns in advance. Are you most concerned with price, storage, access to your bedroom, turning the mattress, or getting in and out of bed? Consider the overall size and shape, and any health issues. Buy according to the correct support and comfort for your weight and build, not just for firmness. Do not forget that a bed is a mattress and a base working together. Think big as larger beds are more comfortable.

And finally - do not forget: you get what you pay for!


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