survey forecasts how Ireland will look in 10 years time

An survey of more than 2,500 people, both workers and jobseekers, has forecasted how Ireland will look in 10 years time, revealing great optimism and clear views on work, life, and much more.

Some 71 per cent of those surveyed believe that the Irish economy will be better in 2025. Four in 10 told that they would not be working in the same industry in 10 years time, with 46 per cent believing they could be doing a job in 2025 that currently does not exist. Some 24 per cent claim that the job they do will be done by a robot by the year 2025. Reassuringly, this was not a concern for 73 per cent of those surveyed.

Two in five believe that we will be working fewer hours, and 85 per cent said working from home will be more common practice. Other interesting predictions from this year''s survey include: Some 65 per cent said we will still be able to buy a hard copy of a newspaper in 2025; renting will be more common than buying a home, according to 63 per cent; more than half believe that our fridge will be ordering the groceries; cars will be self-driving, according to 59 per cent; and the first manned trip to Mars will take place in the view of 52 per cent. carried out the survey to mark 20 years in business. The jobs and careers website attracts 1.4 million visitors each month and features jobs from more than 900 businesses from multinationals to SMEs to start-ups.

Looking back, the original 10-year survey done by in 2005 turned up some interesting results: In 2005, a majority believed that Ireland would continue on a path of economic growth (55 per cent ), and 80 per cent expected that their career patch would change over the next decade. Seven in 10 predicted that Irish roads would still be overflowing with traffic in 2015, and 55 per cent said that Sinn Fein would be in Government.


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