O’Brien calls on landowners to remove trees putting road users at risk

Local Independent Councillor, Michael O’Brien, is calling on landowners who are responsible for trees along our roads to make them safe as a matter of urgency.

The councillor said the issue is of particular concern to road users in rural areas and appealed to landowners to carry out checks on trees they are responsible for. “This is a very serious issue, something that is of a particular concern to those using rural roads”, he said. “I was recently contacted by a local man from Rosemount regarding an incident where a large branch fell onto the road at Killinahinch, Moate, when he was driving.

“The branch fell in front of his car, so he narrowly escaped serious damage. Weather conditions at the time weren’t too bad either, so it proves how bad a condition some trees are in. I am appealing to landowners to carry out checks on trees and to remove those that are at risk of falling on roads. Many trees across the district are a danger to road users because they are rotten on the inside. We all have a role to play in ensuring our roads are safer, and landowners have a role to play too,” concluded Cllr O’Brien.



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