Naughten warns parents to check for toxic chemicals in face paints

Local TD Denis Naughten has urged parents to check for toxic ingredients in face paints before using them on children this Halloween.

The Deputy said while parents are aware of the risks of allowing children to go near fireworks, many are unaware that they may be painting toxic chemicals such as lead on to their children’s faces before they go trick or treating: “Warnings have been issued in the past about the dangers associated with face painting, pointing out that high levels of lead have been found in some brands of cosmetics aimed at children in recent years,” Deputy Naughten said.

“It is important that parents check the ingredients in the face paints they purchase and only buy such products from reputable retailers and shops. Parents should not purchase a product if they have any concerns, including, for example, poor product information, no ingredients listed, or no EU manufacturing or distribution address on the label.

“If the product does not include an EU address, this may indicate that it comes from outside the EU and does not meet European safety requirements. Halloween should be a fun time for children, and by checking the ingredients on face paints parents can ensure that children are not exposed to unnecessary risks.”


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