Councillors support funding for Dún na Sí Park

At Monday’s Municipal District Meeting, Independent Councillor Michael O’Brien called for the council to provide some funding towards the operating costs of Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park.

Councillor O’Brien said that the park is a fantastic facility for Moate and its surrounding areas, and is presently being maintained through the great efforts of members of the local community: “This is a hugely utilised amenity,” Cllr O’Brien said. “There are lots of day-to-day pressures involved in running the park, and up to now a local group have been working hard to maintain it on their own.

“The least we can do is provide something towards the expense costs. The council does not provide for the running of the park. As it is a public amenity people cannot be charged for using it, so I think the council should contribute.”

Cllr O’Brien’s comments were supported by all the councillors in the chamber. Cllr John Dolan echoed his colleague’s words, saying the public committee currently administrating the park are “worn out” from fundraising. Dolan suggested the committee come to the council with figures so that an adequate contribution can be worked out.



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