Wedding Entertainment 

How are your wedding plans coming along this week?

I hope everyone is getting on well with their plans. Wedding entertainment is such an important part of your day. From the church to the band you want to ensure that you have someone who will keep your guests entertained.  

My top three tips for sourcing your band/entertainment are: 

• Do some research online. Most bands and musicians have their own websites and these will contain video clips of their work. Word of mouth is also a good recommendation for a band.  

• Some of the questions you should ask are how long their set is, whether the band you book is the band that will play on the night, whether your deposit is refundable, and whether they will learn your first dance.  

• If possible also try and see them perform live before you book.    

Next week’s topic is the dress and suit attire.  

Happy wedding planning! 




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