Irishman helps Honda to new Guinness world record

Honda has set new Guinness world records for fuel efficiency, averaging 100.31 miles per gallon in an 8,387 mile drive across 24 EU countries.

Honda has set a new world record for ‘Lowest fuel consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries (all cars )’, recording an average 100.31 miles per gallon over 8,387 miles, in a 25-day drive across all 24 EU contiguous countries.

Behind the wheel of a Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC for the entire journey were two members of Honda’s European Research & Development (R&D ) team, Carlow’s Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren from the UK, who took on the challenge to further demonstrate the impressive real-world fuel economy of the Tourer.

The remarkable distance travelled is similar to the team driving to Australia from their home in the UK, stopping just nine times to refuel. The car achieved an incredible average 932 miles on each tank of fuel, at a total fuel cost for the whole journey of just £459.

The team set out on their epic road trip from Aalst, Belgium, on Monday, June 1, navigating the continent in a clockwise direction. They returned to their start point on Thursday, June 25, recording the incredible fuel economy figures which exceed the Tourer’s quoted efficiency of 74.3mpg by more than 25 per cent.

Fergal McGrath said: “It was tough, but we really enjoyed it, and setting this new Guinness world record has made all of the hard work worthwhile. After spending so much time behind the wheel Julian and I are just happy to be back behind our desks for a while!”

Marketing Manager at Universal Honda Ltd, Emmet Kavanagh, commented: “This is an incredible achievement and the team should all be very proud of the efforts that they have put in to set this new Guinness world record. Driving the equivalent distance from their home in the UK to Australia in just 25 days is a huge challenge very few would take on. The fuel economy figures are remarkable – particularly when you consider that this is not a small car, but an estate with class-leading load space and vast practicality.”


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