Treating baby skin conditions

Dolans Medical Hall, Moate offers some advice on treating baby skin conditions.

Cradle Cap – Seborrheic Dermatitis: Sometimes mistakingly confused with psoriasis on the scalp, face, or upper body, in babies this condition can be termed cradle cap. This presents as red, dry, and flaky skin, generally on the scalp, ears, or face. The cause often will be a fungus called malassezia, present in small numbers on the skin but when in increased numbers, may result in skin problems. A good quality scalp cream and appropriate shampoo can achieve a short-term recovery.

Aqueous creams are sometimes prescribed as an alternative to soap and detergents, which are drying and especially bad for eczema sufferers. Aqueous creams usually contain paraffin oils, which may irritate some skin themselves. Children can describe them as stingy and the skin may be red or itchy with their use.

Moogoo creams do not use paraffin oils in their products. The condition can be controlled quickly and easily using both Moogoo’s Eczema Balm and Scalp Cream. They are both natural creams that contain the anti-yeast ingredient Piroctone Olamine.

Nappy rash: Most parents will be familiar with nappy rash. It’s commonly caused by a reaction to urea against the skin in wet nappies but it can also be triggered by a yeast problem. To treat this condition you would normally use a barrier cream to prevent moisture contact and a yeast cream to control the yeast.

Moogoo’s Nappy Balm combines a barrier cream and anti-yeast ingredient in one all-natural formula that can be used at every nappy change for really effective results.

For further information and advice, visit Dolans Medical Hall, Church Street, Moate - beside Moate Medical Centre, or call (090 ) 6481257.


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