Ziaja celebrate 25 years

It all began with a single olive oil cream 25 years ago when the Ziaja brand was founded by two Polish pharmacists (Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja ) and their desire to make skincare products with the best natural ingredients that were a source of skin pleasure and well-being.

Today, Ziaja is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Poland and eastern Europe with a staggering 1,000 product offering, enabling customers find the perfect product for every skin need. Some five million Ziaja products are sold every month (that’s 115 products every minute! ) and the brand is trusted and liked by customers around the world - including a loyal and growing fan base in Ireland.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Ziaja has launched a new olive leaf range to reflect their beauty ethos of creating the best natural, simple, and effective skincare products at affordable prices that are positioned and packaged with clear and honest messages.

The new olive leaf range is available now online at www.originalbeauty.ie

Here are some of our favourites:

Olive leaf regenerating mask with hyaluronic acid €0.69

Ziaja’s olive leaf regenerating face and neck mask provide a marvellous at-home skincare treatment that involves minimal effort and speedy results - a great value product at only 69 cents. Super soothing and gentle on the skin it promotes skin firming and regenerating benefits delivering radiant skin results. Relax for 10 minutes while key ingredients of hyaluronic acid, youth vitamins, and olive extract get to work. Hyaluronic acid and youth vitamins revive tired, looking skin while olive leaf extract detoxes and soothes.

Olive leaf cleansing oil (270ml ) €9.99

Turn everyday cleansing into a feel-good ritual with this waterless foaming face & body cleansing oil that offers a really gentle cleansing option for dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. The oil-based formula works as an emollient, deeply cleansing and moisturising to ensure itchy, irritated skin is gently cleansed without stripping away any essential oils. The olive leaf extract is a powerful antioxidant that conditions and protects to leave skin looking soothed, conditioned, and purified.

Olive leaf gel scrub micro–exfoliating (200ml ) €5.99

Smooth and soothe your way back to glowing and refreshed skin with this olive leaf double act face and body gel scrub that is suitable for all skin types. Ziaja recommends exfoliating the face twice per week during colder months to increase cell turnover, reduce pores, and maintain a glowing complexion. The micro beads easily and quickly cleanse the skin and prevent blackheads, remove impurities, and break up skin debris and dead skin cells promoting healthy skin repair. The olive leaf extract contains oleuropein, a natural antioxidant and soothing substance that refreshes and strengthens the skin keeping it moisturised during the exfoliation process.


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