True Life in God - a prophetic call

A talk will be given in the Prince of Wales Hotel, Church Street, Athlone this Saturday by Yorkshire native Kathryn Coakley on the message of True Life in God, the signs and prophecies of the end of times, and Christian unity.

Kathryn will present the message received by Greek Orthodox Christian, Vassula Rydén, to whom God first revealed himself in 1985. Vassula has spoken in Ireland several times. Vassula’s book, Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell - An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come, tells the story of her experiences and recounts the messages she has received. She says: “The main thing is to give everyone the possibility to know that God, up to this day, is still speaking to his people, that God can come to any of us no matter what condition we are in.”

You can read the True Life in God messages at The talk will take place in the Prince of Wales Hotel this Saturday January 31 at 2pm. Admission is free.


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