Cunning brothers outfox the board game market

Foxes and Chickens has been the top new Irish board game over the past two years. Since the launch in 2012 it has sold in its thousands, both in Ireland and abroad, and has even been sent as presents as far as America, Canada, and Australia.

Foxes and Chickens has appeared on The Late Late Show, TV3’s Ireland AM, The Joe Duffy Show, Mid West Radio, and Shannonside, to name a few.

The board game came about when a cheeky fox snatched a few prize chickens from Dermot Henry’s farm in 2009. Dermot’s two older brothers Kieran and Padraic worked diligently for three years, designing, developing, and manufacturing the board game. They formed a company and launched the first ever board game from the west of Ireland.

It’s a great family fun board game that will have young and old laughing, talking, cheering, and shouting as they guide their hungry foxes over bridges, through hedges, fences, and tunnels to the chickens’ nest. Then the real fun starts as you try to get your chicken back to the den before the other foxes snatch your chicken dinner.

With a retail price of just €19.99, there are no batteries or plug-in required.

Foxes and Chickens is available nationwide in Art & Hobby, Toymaster, World of Wonder, and directly from Hencrogames Ltd. It’s family fun in a box!

For more information, contact [email protected], or text (087 ) 6717332 or (087 ) 6380156.


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