Give your skin that natural glow

After a hectic Christmas of parties, and long days and nights of looking your best, your skin can look dull.

Let’s face it, most of us went to bed at least one night over christmas with our make-up on. It’s not healthy for your skin, and can result in your complexion looking a bit grey the next morning. No7 has just launched their new line of mineral make-up that is lighter than your normal liquid foundation, but which gives the same coverage.

No7 Mineral Loose Powder Foundation €22

No7 Mineral Loose Powder Foundation, is lighter than traditional make-up, but still gives you a brilliant coverage but with a more natural, luminous radiance.

The foundation is ideal for problem skin, its silky formulation lets you apply a little extra where you need it. No7 Mineral Foundation is great for sensitive skin, as it uses the highest quality natural minerals to give good even coverage and leave skin looking flawless, for up to eight hours.

No7 Mineral Loose Powder Blusher €13

No7 Mineral Loose Powder Blusher is made from pure crushed minerals, it’s light, silky, and easy to blend, so it gives your cheeks a natural shimmer!

The blusher contains both minerals and a semi precious gem complex - with ruby, sapphire, and amethyst - to help diffuse light and give a perfectly translucent finish. Only the tiniest amount is needed to create a natural looking glow, which appears to gleam from within the skin.


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