Irish hairdressers look west as Canada offers 80 new life opportunities

Canada’s skills shortage is a potential life-changing opportunity for 80 Irish hairdressers and their families as one of Canada’s leading hair salon businesses is currently recruiting for its salons mainly in Alberta, one of Canada’s 10 great provinces, and other locations.

Diamond Global Recruitment, the only Canadian recruitment firm with an office in Ireland, has been hired to find 80 outstanding, creative hair stylists to work in both men’s only and unisex salons. An open day will be held in Galway this Sunday June 22 from 10am-5pm. Then interviews will take place in Galway on August 3 and 4, when candidates will get to show off their cutting and styling talents. Diamond Global Recruitment is accepting applications now which can be posted directly on their website at

Successful candidates will commence in October this year and, as the jobs are skilled positions, they will be eligible to apply for permanent residency after one year of their two year contract and can even bring their families with spouses being eligible to work as well. Families will get to experience the freedom and diversity of the Canadian lifestyle. Alberta (population four million ) encompasses major cities such as Calgary (famous for its rodeo ) and Edmonton, and of course the great outdoors with vast lakes, prairies, and the great Rocky Mountain range. The province has hosted a wide range of major sporting events including the Winter Olympics, World Athletic Championships, Commonwealth Games, and has a host of professional sports teams in ice hockey, basketball, Canadian football, and baseball to name a few sports.

Diamond Global is the only Canadian company located in Ireland for the purpose of recruiting individuals interested in moving to Canada permanently or temporarily. Alan Daly, managing director of Diamond Global’s international operations based in Dublin, can provide candidates with first-hand knowledge having lived in Canada for five years before returning, temporarily, with his family last year.

Mr Daly said: “Canada is interested in mutually beneficial arrangements for Canadian society and new immigrants. As an economy it has escaped the worst of the recession and, despite a population similar to Ireland’s, Alberta has over 50,000 vacancies to be filled. Successful hairstylist applicants will get flexible working hours and excellent industry standard pay the equal of their Canadian colleagues, which is guaranteed by law. There is good opportunity to earn commission on product sales and of course there are significant tips to be earned in the great North American tradition. We are looking for stylists with a total of 36 months salon experience and you can continue to develop as a professional hair stylist with continuous on-the-job training.”


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