Ten questions with...

Cllr Peter Burke, Fine Gael, Mullingar-Coole

Cllr Peter Burke, Fine Gael, Mullingar-Coole

Cllr Peter Burke, Fine Gael, Mullingar-Coole

1.Why are you running?

To continue my work on behalf of the people in the Mullingar-Coole electoral area.

2. What’s the big issue in your area?

A number of big issues, the significant ones being rural crime, limited disposable income due to high taxes, and reduction in telephone/electricity allowances for the elderly.

3. Describe yourself in three words

Professional, reliable, efficient.

4. What person do you admire the most?

My fiancée and parents for their unwavering support and advice.

5. Can local councillors make a difference?

Yes, without a doubt, from formulating policy for their county through the County Development Plan, fighting for funding for their area, ensuring adequate housing for families, and being an advocate for the most vulnerable.

6. If you could only get one project done in your area in the next few years, what is it?

Relocation of Curraghmore School, after being very involved with the project I’m delighted to see it’s being delivered!

7. What do you enjoy the most about politics?

Working and interacting with people together with trying to solve a huge variety of problems. Every day presents different challenges.

8. What might people not know about you?

I have two All-Ireland medals...

9. What are you expecting to hear on the doorsteps?

From being at the doorsteps on a regular basis I am hearing that the people who didn’t cause our economic collapse are paying the price for rebuilding our economy which is very frustrating for people.

10. If you had a theme tune for your campaign what would it be and why?

‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ by Fleetwood Mac. We should always think about the future and avoid decisions that only present short-term gain.


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