Spring clean - clutter clear!

Feng Shui New Year 2014 indicates a year of great transformation and collaboration. Snowdrops are showing their brave little white heads across the land and the spring season is stirring - are you ready for it?

Traditionally this is the time associated with ‘spring cleaning’ and in Feng Shui terms it is a time for creating clarity in your life, a time to clear the clutter from your home and office to ensure you communicate more clearly in your relationships, avoid misunderstanding, and create more impressive results from your efforts in all areas of your life.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Invite your friends to a clutter-clearing party

Make it a family affair and get everyone involved

Turn your clutter into cash; bring it to a car boot sale

Donate it to your favourite charity.

Some points to spur you on:

Your living space represents your present - too much clutter here creates inconvenience and frustration.

Your attic represents the future - too much storage here may block your future.

Your garage or basement represents the past - too much storage here will keep you stuck in the past.

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