Construction companies and sole traders can now apply to construction register

Westmeath construction companies and sole traders can now apply to join the new register for the construction industry. The Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI ) is being set up to help distinguish competent, experienced construction companies and sole traders from those who have given the construction industry a bad name.

To apply to join the register, Westmeath construction companies or sole traders can do so online via the CIRI website - The register is being established by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF ), following a request by the Government. It will be available to the public from March 1 and is expected to be placed on a statutory footing from 2015.

Until now there has been no way for the public or Irish businesses to check on the credentials of a construction company or sole trader. This resulted in some poor examples of construction work which have reflected badly on the entire construction industry and have impacted on the public and Irish businesses.

Construction companies of all types and sizes can apply to join CIRI, so long as they meet the eligibility criteria. This means CIRI will cover everything from large contractors and builders to small sub contractors and specialists. All the various varieties of specialisation will also be covered - from house builders to plasterers and from road builders to plumbing specialists. To ensure all those listed on the register are competent and experienced, strict eligibility requirements have been put in place. Any Westmeath construction companies or sole traders who wish to join the register must meet certain criteria and must:

· Adhere to an industry code of ethics and obligations

· Demonstrate that they have construction competence and experience

· Be tax compliant

· Commit to undertaking continuing professional development

· Comply with construction health and safety regulations

· Show they have the relevant insurance policies in place

· Obey all the latest building standards and regulations

· Attend a CIRI induction course

Speaking about the new register, CIF director general Tom Parlon said, “As everyone in Westmeath knows there has been a problem with certain builders and construction companies giving the entire industry a bad name.


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