Flu vaccination service at Boots

Boots Pharmacy Athlone are delighted to be offering a Winter Flu Vaccination Service.

Nearly 20 per cent of patients who received the flu vaccine last year at Boots Ireland had never been vaccinated against the flu before, highlighting that pharmacy vaccination services can lead to higher vaccination rates due to greater convenience.

The Boots Winter Flu Vaccination Service 2013/14 is available in 67 Boots pharmacy stores nationwide, including Boots in Golden Island, Athlone. Boots Ireland is encouraging everyone to get the flu vaccine to protect them from the flu and to stay healthy this winter.

Seasonal influenza is an acute viral infection which is responsible for annual epidemics during the winter months. While most people infected with influenza will recover within one week without the need for medical attention, influenza can cause serious illness in those considered to be at high risk. Those considered most at risk include people aged 65 years and over and anyone with a chronic medical condition such as chronic heart conditions, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes mellitus and immunosupression due to disease or treatment. Pregnant women have also been found to be at increased risk of the complications of flu. While anyone can avail of a flu vaccination, those in an at risk category are strongly advised to do so.

The service, now in its fourth year, is delivered by highly trained and experienced pharmacists following a private consultation. No appointment is necessary.

For patients in an at-risk group and who have a Medical Card the service is available free of charge. For others a fee of up to €20 may apply. For more information please visit www.boots.ie


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