Zumba: a great alternative to traditional fitness programmes

Zumba is a popular Latin-inspired dance-fitness class, so it is a workout while partying! No matter what your fitness level, with Zumba everyone is working out at a rate recommended for improving cardio health.

Regular Zumba classes help improve your cardiovascular health and contribute to weight loss, as Zumba burns body fat. It also improves mood, self image, and co-ordination.

Zumba is a total body workout. With weight training you are focusing on one group of muscles at a time. With aerobic training on the treadmill or the bike you are generally just working the lower body. Zumba gives a total body toning workout as well as a heart pumping cardio workout.

Zumba dance offers the benefits of interval training, one of the best ways to burn calories. Zumba incorporates the principles of interval training into every workout by using alternating fast and slow sequences to vary the intensity.

Zumba is upbeat and fun - the music motivates participants to perform movements with more intensity than if they were doing a series of squats. The mood is incredibly upbeat; time goes by quickly and people look forward to coming to class. They learn new dance steps in an easy-to-follow, fun format.

Zumba is the total package: physically you will burn calories and improve balance and coordination, mentally you will relieve stress, and spiritually you will feel happy and forget your worries. Not to mention you will make new friends and learn some dance moves!

Caroline Cunniffe is a Zumba instructor working with The Dancing Soul. Her class is on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. For further information and to book your place in her class please contact Caroline on (087 ) 2311205 or see Fitness with Caro on Facebook.


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