Arrabawn demonstrates Legendary Acts of Kindness

To celebrate their new look, Arrabawn Dairies has launched their Legendary Acts of Kindness campaign, in which customers are rewarded for demonstrating selfless acts.

To set the ball rolling on this, Arrabawn has been leading by example by demonstrating its very own acts of kindness. From now until the end of November, if the Arrabawn Legends team spot a customer with any Arrabawn product in their shopping trolley during the supermarket activations, they could get their entire shopping bill paid for on the spot!

Breda Flynn, had her shopping bill paid for by Arrabawn last week in Smith’s SuperValu, Athlone as part of the Legendary Acts of Kindness campaign, because she had Arrabawn products in her trolley.

This prize was given as part of Arrabawn’s Legendary Acts of Kindness Campaign, in which they reward people who are nominated for carrying out a selfless act with one of the fortnightly €1,000 prizes.

To find out more information, or to enter someone into the competition to win €1,000 for their Legendary Acts of Kindness, visit or



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