Summerhill students collect ‘digital schoolbags’

First year students at St Joseph’s College, Summerhill were presented with brand new iPads yesterday [Thursday] as they arrived for the first day of their secondary school career.

St Joseph’s College is one of 50 schools throughout the country which have undertaken to use mobile devices and digital textbooks in place of traditional textbooks this academic year.

The first year girls received their new ‘digital’ schoolbags yesterday, which will replace traditional textbooks, leading to much lighter schoolbags for the students.

The students attended a training seminar in recent weeks to prepare them to use the new technology. The iPads were named and configured in advance to suit the needs of each student, with parents able to access an e-book list.

The initiative is part of the Wriggle 1:1 mobile learning programme, which provides the technology, mobile devices, access to digital textbooks and interactive content, professional development for teachers, comprehensive support, and expert advice on ICT planning for schools.

More information on the programme is available at



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