Promise of access to son is “incentive” to repeat offender

A repeat offender was told he “looks like a million dollars” by a judge this week, even though he was in court for urinating in public.

Gerry Fallon (54 ), of Grange, Curraghboy, Co Roscommon was in the District Court this week (September 4 ) to plead guilty to his 236th offence after he was arrested on Custume Place on August 8 at 8.42pm following complaints from the public.

Having presided over a fair share of these convictions, Judge Seamus Hughes was well acquainted with Fallon, and was prompted into making the compliment by the defendant’s clean cut demeanour.

However, the judge wondered again if he would maintain his sobriety, as he had fallen off the wagon on a number of occasions immediately after being released from prison.

Fallon had been jailed for seven months on February 6, for offences committed only three days after being released from another seven-month sentence.

“He has an incentive this time, judge,” said Fallon’s solicitor, Mr Paul Connellan.

“He has a son in care, and he was told he will be allowed access if he stays sober,” he explained.

“I know you from before and you’re a known fool with the drink,” said the judge.

“You told me you were off the drink,” he added.

“ I am now,” said Fallon.

“We’ll see what happens tonight,” said the judge, before fining Fallon €100.


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