Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is key for a healthy life. Most adults need six to eight hours sleep each night, and not getting the correct amount can have a serious effect on your health and wellbeing.

Some effects of not getting a good night’s sleep are:

A weakened immune system: when your circadian rhythms (24-hour body clock ) are disrupted, your body produces less melatonin (a hormone and antioxidant ) and has less ability to fight disease.

Risk of developing diabetes: increased appetite for sugary foods, making you feel hungry even if you’ve already eaten, causing weight gain.

Reduced brain function and mood disorders: even one night of poor sleep can impact your ability to think clearly the next day, decrease problem-solving ability, and cause mood disorders.

Digestive problems: constipation, heartburn, nausea, and bloating may be related to irregular sleep patterns.

Premature aging: growth hormone production, normally released by your pituitary gland during deep sleep, is reduced. Growth hormone helps you look and feel younger.

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, are waking up too often, or feeling tired when you wake up, a kinesiology session can identify the underlying causes for your sleeping problem.

Kinesiologist at The Dancing Soul, Frances Sweeney, uses the body’s natural reflexes to identify factors contributing to your specific sleep disorder. Once the causes are identified she recommends a personalised programme to help restore your sleep pattern.

For further information or to book a consultation, please contact Frances at (089 ) 4320493, email [email protected], or see


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